A delegation from the Ministry of Energy led by the Honourable Minister of Energy, Alhaji Kanja Sesay has on Sunday 25th September 2022, made an on-the-spot visit to the CLSG corridor lines in Bo and Kenema districts respectively.

Rationale behind the impromptu visit according to Hon. Alhaji Kanja Sesay was to assess the status of the ongoing construction at the Bandajuma Substation in Bo District and the Solar Farm in Bandama.

While being desirous and optimistic for effective, efficient and uninterrupted supply of energy courtesy of the CLSG power solution to Bo and Kenema districts, Minister of Energy expressed profound gratitude to World Bank for their tremendous support to the People of Sierra Leone and re-echoed the ambition of President Julius Maada Bio for distribution of energy to the whole of Sierra Leone and exportation of energy to other countries in West Africa come 2030.

General Project Coordinator, Ministry of Energy, Dr. Edmond Dan-Kona Wuseni said while the civil works for the construction of the main power house in Bo city have been completed in Bandajuma along the Bo Kenema Highway, they are now expecting completion of interconnection to support treatment for evacuation of power to the Tikonko road sub-station for distribution and it has a generation capacity of 5 Megawatts.

The Yamandu Solar Farm now named Boama Solar Farm which by estimation is the biggest Solar Farm in Sierra Leone with a sun flower ability (complete capture of the sun/moves with the sun) upon completion; will generate 25MW which according to Dr. Edmond Dan-Kona Wuseni would be put into the grid for supply of power during the day and would harness the power supplied from Ivory Coast during the nights and shall also ensure distribution of energy after completion to Bumpe, Tikonko, Bo town, Gerihunm Yamandu, Gbaima 1,2 & 3, Jembe, Kenema et al.

Furtherto, an additional 66 KV is underway for distribution of power to communities including Gbaima Songa, Senehun, Taima, Njala University, Mano, Gondama, Sembehun 17, Koribondo, Nyagohun, Sahr Malen among others.

Dr Edmond Dan-Kona Wuseni avowed that while they are still grappling with the growing power demand and supply across the country, the Government of President Julius Maada Bio is optimistic that with a cumulative energy output of 1,004 Megawatts, there would be sufficient energy for distribution to all mining companies and manufacturers and Sierra Leone would be further positioned for exportation of energy.

Meanwhile, one of the Indian Engineers, Jeyakumar assured the Minister of the progress made so far in relation to electronical mechanical works at the Bandajuma Substation adding that the control room at the former Bo Power House along Tikonko road has already been completed.

Onlookers praised the boldness of the New Direction Government in their quest to ensure adequate, sufficient, effective and efficient supply of energy to the whole country amid inherent monumental challenges occasioned by intermittent vandalisation and theft of EDSA equipment, pilfering of energy, decrepit energy infrastructure to name but a few.