The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has on the 11th October, 2023 concluded a community awareness raising engagement on mangrove reforestation and restoration in the Sittia Chiefdom, Bonthe district.

According to EPA, the engagement was part of the implementation of the project on the reforestation and restoration of degraded mangrove lands in the Sherbro river estuary in Delkken and neighbouring communities for the improvement of the lives and livelihood of the people in those communities.

The Community led mangrove restoration project supported by Wetlands International and implemented by the Environment Protection Agency Sierra Leone had restored 7.8ha degraded areas in the Chiefdom from October 2021-October 2023 which has been very commendable.

The participants were spotted from different communities that were exposed to the effects of mangrove cutting, the management of mangroves as well as the benefits of protecting these mangroves.