An eyewitness has narrated the shooting to death of the Operational Support Division Regional Coordinator in the North-East Regional headquarters town of Makeni, ASP Mathew Moiwah Gbanya aka “Boyka” in the late hours of Saturday 8 April 2023.

In an audio shared on social media, the eyewitness explained that ASP Gbanya was out to arrest an Okada rider who had run off after committing a traffic offense.

He continued that while the officer was chasing the Okada rider, a black vehicle drove at him at Clocktower Station Road.

The eyewitness revealed that the people in the black vehicle hup down and shot at ASP Gbanya three rounds and ran off.

However, other reports stated that the ASP Gnanya was out to buy some items as his family had joined him in Makeni for the Easter holiday. It was also reported that the vehicle was stationary and was in the driver’s seat when he was shot in the neck.

The death of the police officer has sparked widespread condemnation from citizens. Meanwhile, the Sierra Leone Police have said that they have opened investigations into the shocking and brutal killing of their personnel.