Rugiatu Favour Kanu, popularly known as Slay Farmer SL, has written an emotional letter to the current and future President of Sierra Leone about Agriculture in the country.

Kanu is a trained and certified Sensory Evaluator of Cocoa from the Centre of promotion of imports from developing countries in the Netherlands and Founder of Slay Farm Sierra Leone Limited with a Degree in Agriculture from Njala University.

She owns 10-acre farmland of vegetables planted at 6 miles, crossing point western area rural which serves as a demonstration farm for vegetable farmers around the Six-mile community.

Below is her emotional message to leaders of this country:

“Sierra Leone is a country with great agricultural potential this is not hidden anymore, with our own fertile lands, abundant water resources, and favourable climate, the country can be a major player in agribusiness if the government takes the necessary steps to encourage serious investment in agriculture.

Agribusiness is an essential part of the Sierra Leonean economy, providing employment for thousands of people and contributing significantly to the country’s GDP.

Despite this, the sector still faces several challenges that need to be addressed promptly to avoid any unnecessary setbacks to the nation’s economy. Agriculture na we only hope wae don lef – mining don fail we.

One significant hurdle to the growth and development of agribusiness in Sierra Leone is the inadequate investment by the government into the sector,
though some funds are allocated each year, they are often insufficient, and the funds are frequently misdirected, resulting in ineffective results. We all know watin r dae tok.

One solution to inadequate government funding is opening up the sector to foreign investors.

Foreign investment has the potential to bring in much-needed capital and new technologies that can help boost Sierra Leone’s agricultural productivity. – Agribusiness tax-free import dues lifted in the proposed finance act?? We mean am??

Another issue affecting agribusiness in Sierra Leone is the shortage of skilled labour as the large number of young people in the country are underemployed or unemployed, highlighting the need for more youth involvement in agriculture. (you don’t have to wait for the government in some cases)

The agribusiness sector of the Ministry of Agriculture must work with the government to develop initiatives that promote youth involvement and provide training opportunities, which will create jobs and improve productivity.

Slay Farmer SL the CEO of Slay Farms SL is already championing the advocacy for youth involvement in agriculture.

We have been working tirelessly to educate young people on the opportunities available in agribusiness and how to take advantage of them. Our efforts have already started to bear fruit, with several young people entering the sector and creating innovative solutions to tackle the challenges facing agribusiness.

Overall, serious agribusiness investment from the government and foreign investors is crucial for the growth and development of the agribusiness sector in Sierra Leone.

By working together, we can overcome the challenges facing the sector and create a strong agricultural economy that provides employment, food security, and economic growth for the nation.”