40-year-old private miner and a twin Alusine L Marrah, formerly of Sia Kpekima Street Bangalow section in Koidu City is reported to have died in a road accident in the early hours of Thursday night 7th, December 2023 at around Bumpeh area in Nimikoro chiefdom Kono District.

According to the uncle of the deceased Sahr Moigbeh, both Alusine L Marrah and himself were mining in Nimikoro chiefdom but they normally don’t work on Fridays, the deceased took leave of him on the fateful Thursday 7th, December 2023 to collect fuel at their mining site for work the following day after Friday 8th, December 2023.

He noted that after he collected the fuel at their mining site the deceased was on his way to Koidu City on his private motorbike ZT 150 with registration number AU 339 when he rode into a stationed truck around Bumpeh area in Nimikoro chiefdom Kono District and died on the spot.

Mr Moigbeh noted that an eye witness report states that the accident occurred when the deceased was rushing back home for the fear not to break the usual pervious 9pm daily curfew, a moving vehicle was ahead of him pulling out a lot of carbonmonoxy which blocked his view and had no option but to accidentally ride into the said stationed truck when trying to make his way back home he unfortunately hit the truck and died.

The deceased he maintained was a husband and father of three wives and eleven children respectively. Police investigation into the matter is in progress whilst the remains of the deceased have been handed over to his family members for burial.

Meanwhile, it could be recalled that the deceased late twin brother Lansana Marrah in 2016 died in a similar road accident when also riding a motorbike.