The Fourah Bay College Muslim Jamaat has launched a landmark project geared towards the reconstruction of the college’s mosque.

Speaking to Sierraloaded, the current Chief Imam of the mosque, Kandeh Dauda Sheku said that the expansion and reconstruction project is due to the fact that the mosque cannot accommodate most worshippers anymore. He added that even the structure is in an almost dilapidated condition.

The launching is for us to meet with (Jamaat’s) alumni and some members of the administration so that we can find solutions for the project,” Imam Sheku said.

He said the launching was a success because it was first of its kind and that they have also been able to gather committed members to move the project ahead.

Former Vice President, Ibrahim Yajoh said that the initial plea was for the campus mosque to be renovated but the increasing number of Muslim students and the dilapidation of the structure have prompted the Jamaat’s executive to opt for a reconstruction.

During the launching, Muslim stakeholders like Abdul Malik Sesay, Dr. Momodu Turay, Dr. Ibrahim Salieu Kamara, Ibrahim Hilal Turay, Dr. Hassan Conteh and Dr. Mohamed Koroma among others.

The Jamaat was successful in establishing an Expansion Committee that is made up of lecturers and students of the Jamaat.

The Fourah College Mosque serves as religious and moral ground where Muslim students build their spirituality while at the university.

The mosque, built in the 1980s gives Muslim students opportunities to host Friday prayers as they move away from ‘the prayer room’ provided by the administration.

The structure of the 600 capacity mosque is in dire need of renovation as there are now visible cracks in part of the walls.