To complement the efforts of the government in boosting agriculture, a young Sierra Leonean lady is currently embarking on the cultivation of varieties of agricultural products like sweet pepper, tomatoes, and cucumber.

In an exclusive interview with our reporter, Kadija who is the organization’s CEO disclosed plans for the way forward and her intentions to help build women farmers across Sierra Leone.

However, she said her organization’s progress is been hampered by the lack of sufficient resources to carry out the day-to-day activities of her projects.

I have been supporting the projects and the organization and it’s challenging because resources including human are needed to run such projects,” Khadijah said.

Among other things, the young graduate said the rationale behind her laudable venture is to bring together women in Sierra Leone to embark on agriculture and entrepreneurship, contribute to nation-building, help women realize their full potential, and become self-reliant.

As a women-led organization, the Dijahfoff AgricBusiness is inspiring and encouraging women in Sierra Leone to go into agriculture and entrepreneurship to become self-reliance

Currently, Khadijah said she has together with other women by her side cultivated a huge number of cucumbers and sweet peppers in Waterloo town, around a place called Four Mile, Blackie town.

Her slogan, if the farm does not go and meet the women, let the women go and meet the farm, she said keeps her courage and dream alive.

The organization, she said is aiming to have offices in all regions of the country, because it doesn’t want to leave anyone else out. But with the little resources as an unemployed graduate and woman, she said the organization is operating in Waterloo for the main time.

Her dream, Khadijah said, is to change the narrative women hold that farming or agriculture is for men.

The organization is currently faced with challenges to carry out most of its projects, but the CEO and founder said, she is trying with the little she has to achieve her long-term vision.

For her, this has been a long-time vision, she’s using her powers to actualize the dream for the benefit of all.

She called on the government, Local Government organizations, and individuals with like-minded visions to support her dreams and visions.