New Media, especially in today’s contemporary society remains a core component in terms of information sharing. This said, with the extent to which bloggers have used these social platforms, the call for ethical consideration is timely in the name of professionalism.

Social media platforms do come with their adverse effects. In recent time, we have seen women take to the platforms, using them as a means to an end in abusing each other on their live Facebook pages. This is a worrying trend and one that warrants some sort of soul-searching or else we will continue witnessing a rise in disparaging womanhood.

How would women use their platforms to openly abuse themselves is beyond imagination. Their behaviors do not in anyway represent the culture of decent women in our country and this must be tackled head-on. This is a societal problem that deserves a societal solution.

Sierra Leonean women are known to be respectful and decent with better ways to addressing issues even where they tend to disagree.

We a great and better example of women who have excelled in their own right when it comes to blogging with a sense of responsibility.

The Housemate Salone reality TV Show ended months back. Sadly, what society continues to witness is that those who made it to the top of that competition are now engaged in a war of words. Julie is no exception.

Julie as the winner should ignore anyone using damaging words against her. After all she won and took it all- she has nothing to lose. Ad a winner, she should be seen preaching peace and embracing her colleague housemates and not engaging them in a war of words.

Julie my advice to you is to concentrate on building yourself. You made a policy statement during the grand finale that: “AYV has transformed a street girl to a lady” if really you meant what you said, then keep quiet and stop reacting to what others are saying about you. Focus on yourself and your children.

Hawanatu, Sarah, Fantacia, Maseray, Agnes Pratt, Lima: you all need to keep the peace and handles issues among yourselves away from social media. Learn to accommodate yourselves and use your platforms to advocate for women’s empowerment, violence against women and girls’ sexual harassment and other related issues that affects women and girls.

The hate amongst yourselves is way too much. Your behaviors lately is a shame to womanhood.

I am using this column to advice you all to refrain from using such words. Use decent and appropriate language and strategies to address issues. When you are angry don’t speak, sleep over it and react decently. If you want you can react, but there are some issues which do not need any reactions, let the sleeping dog lie.