Sierra Leonean/Lebanese Afrotekpop musician and businessman, Nasser Ayoub has claimed to be the richest Sierra Leonean artiste.

This came after Sierra Leone most followed Facebook blog, Inside Salone asked for the richest Sierra Leonean artiste. As the post was highly engaged by fans mentioning K-Man, Boss LA, Emmerson and other musicians as the richest, Nasser Ayoub’s name was highly mentioned with his achievements.

A popular blogger and show promoter, Van Barrie said Nasser Ayoub is the richest artiste in Sierra Leone. He stated that, the “Mr Tranga Yaise Borbor” hitmaker is running businesses and probably own a mansion.

However, Nasser accepted to be the richest Sierra Leonean artiste. According to him, he is the richest because he is rich in his heart. He added that, people should not count riches in pockets while they are stingy. They should count on giving to the needy which he has been portraying since he came to the entertainment industry.

Nasser has been known for his hard work who always support his fellow Sierra Leoneans. The singer is also known for owning businesses. He runs Africanus Hotel at King Street in Freetown, Ayoub International School in Freetown and other businesses. He also owned a mansion. With all the investments, the singer did not claim to be the richest base on the assets, investments and cash that he owned but based on his heart.