The remains of 14year old Theresa Tarawallie who allegedly died during a female genital mutilation process in Kono district have been laid to rest.

Theresa who’s untimely death happened in Koidu city, Kono District was a JSS3 pupil, according to the autosty result carried out by forensic pathologist, Dr Simeaon Orewizz Koroma died as a result of an hypovolemic shock leading to chronic blood loss.

It was reported that she lost blood for 14 days which are damages from genital mutilation done on her.

The Criminal Investigation Department of the Tankoro Police Divisional Headquaters has commended the Ministry of Social Welfare efforts in handling the case and supporting the investigation.

The Police reports to now have in custody a suspect while also appreciating concerned citizens for reporting the incident and encouraged similar effort to ensure effective policing and security in the country.