A 23-Year-Old female kush victim has requested for a manager to portray the cause of kush addict through a movie.

She stated that he want to make money through kush by producing a movie prosecuting how the substance is made through the help of a manager as she has also spend a lot of money in consuming it.

She said kush is connected to evil making reference to witchcraft wherein an individual may want to desist from the act but the force keeps drawing them back.

She disclosed that whenever she madeup her mind from quit smoking kush, she always have a dream which tells her to do a movie relating to the substance to have save lives.

According to her, she started smoking kush in 2021 after her West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) due to some stress she was going through.

She said the kush has been addicted to her to the point she normally forced men to sleep with her to get money she used to buy the substance.

She further said during her dream it was disclosed to her that those producing the kush use spiritual substance which makes it difficult for someone to stop the intake of the substance.

She said she has met a movie director whom she has disclosed her idea to on how to go about the movie she wants to produce and complement her idea and she is waiting for further actions.