Fatmata Kamara, a mother of three children, has been sentenced to 24 years imprisonment by Justice Adrian Fisher, for Dumping her new born baby in a pit toilet.

Kamara has been in police custody since 2020 and was initially charged with murder, until the State represented by Lawyer Solomon Christian Kekura, applied for an amendment for the charge to be reduced from murder to manslaughter, for which she pleaded guilty.

Fact of the matter reveals that, the convict was impregnated by a married man in 2019 and during that period she repeatedly attempted to terminate the pregnancy but failed until the night she gave birth to the baby while answering nature’s call, and decided to dispose the child in the pit toilet.

It further reveals that the child was rescued by a neighbour who rushed him to the hospital where he passed away after 21 days.

The convict’s statements to the police was that she didn’t want to keep the pregnancy being that she was pregnant for a married man.

In her mitigation plea, she stated that what she did was done out of the torment of shame of conceiving a married man’s child and of the fear of adding another burden to herself being that the father of her three children is irresponsible and that she is the one taking care of them.

In his verdict, Justice Fisher emphasized the gravity of the case and the need for a stern response. He told the convict that there were alternative options to her actions, such as giving the child to someone else, rather than resorting to such act.

He concluded by sentencing Fatmata Kamara to 24 years in prison, reflecting the serious nature of the offense and the tragic loss of life.