On September 20th, 2023, in Hangha town, Nongowa Chiefdom, Sierra Leone Police arrested five individuals, including a Chief and a police officer, as suspects in the alleged theft of several rolls of aluminum cables from a store in Kenema.

It is reported that, the five individuals namely Mohamed Kamara, Mustapha Dakowa, Bobor Tommy, Ibrahim John Smart (alias “some guy”), and Kiskama Brima Lemon, are currently on trial for the unlawful possession of EDSA Copper Aluminium cable before the court to face two charges: conspiracy and larceny.

The accused have pleaded not guilty before Magistrate Gershon Lamin Macarthy of Court No. 2 in Kenema.

Serving as the prosecutor, Assistant Superintendent of Police Daniel Konneh, explained that on September 20, 2023, in Hangha town, Nongowa chiefdom, within the Kenema Judicial District of the Eastern Province of the Republic of Sierra Leone, the accused individuals conspired to commit crimes as detailed in counts one and two, which are conspiracy and larceny.

It was reported that, they were found in possession of a total of 1,920 meters or 60 folds of copper aluminium cable, with an estimated value of 1,896 million Sierra Leonean Leones, adding that, the said aluminium cable is the property of Transco CLSG and was discovered within the Kalpatary warehouse located in Hangha town.

Legal representation for the accused is as follows: Lawyer P. Kamara represents the first, second, and third accused individuals, while Lawyers J. B. Dauda, S. S. Ansumana, B. J. Adu, S. Goba, and Augustine Kowa represent the fourth and fifth accused individuals.