The people of Fogbo village in Kori chiefdom, Moyamba District, and its surrounding areas urgently called upon the Government, NGOs, and well-meaning Sierra Leoneans for assistance as the sole Community Health Center in Fogbo village is in a dire state.

This Health Center was constructed by the Sierra Leonean Government, under the Ministry of Health and Sanitation. As per Chief William Lassie, the village chief of Fogbo, the Health Center caters to more than three thousand individuals from nine neighboring villages. Presently, every part of the building, including the storage area, staff quarters, and the maternal room, is suffering from severe leaks. Without prompt intervention, the entire structure could collapse before the rainy season concludes.

Chief Lassie emphasized that the most frequent visitors to the center are pregnant women, nursing mothers, recent mothers, children under the age of five, and even adults residing in the vicinity who rely on this hospital for medical care.

In addition, a woman named Mariama Lissa recounted her experience delivering at the health center. After giving birth, the nurse instructed her to take her newborn baby home in the rain due to the leaks in the maternal room. Another pregnant woman, Tennema, added that even the examination bed they typically use is no longer available. This situation imposes a severe hardship on them, as the health facility is their sole accessible option for medical care.