Former APC councillor ‘Ice Tee’, who was remanded at the Pademba Road Male Correctional Center by Magistrate Mark Ngegba of the Pademba Road Magistrate Court No1 last week for allegedly making an incitement statement in a press conference at the New City Hall in 2021, has been granted bail by Magistrate Ngegba of the Freetown Magistrate Court.

During the court session, PW2 Unisa Kamara, a former councillor of the Freetown City Council between 2018 and 2023, testified that he attended a press conference at the New City Hall in Freetown, where the accused made statements directed towards the administration of the FCC regarding the concerns raised by elected officials in the council.

The defence counsel applied for bail for the accused, assuring the court that he will not interfere with the proceedings of the case.

The matter is still ongoing before Magistrate Ngegba.