Four individuals have been charged in connection with the disruption of a church service and the assault of a pastor in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Christiana Johnny, 32, Fasu Juwu, 49, Combay Sesay, 22, and Nasiru Sesay, 18, appeared before Magistrate Sahr Kekura at the Pademba Road Court No. 1 facing charges of conspiracy, riotous conduct, wounding, assault, and public provocation.

The incident allegedly occurred on March 10, 2024, at a church on 24 Bass Street in Brookfields. The defendants are accused of assaulting Pastor Anthony Keita and Sylvia King, throwing objects at the church, and using insulting language.

All four pleaded not guilty to the charges. Video evidence presented by the prosecution reportedly showed the defendants disrupting the service, with Combay Sesay being clearly identified in the footage.

Sesay alleged mistreatment at the Male Correctional Center, claiming a guard named Zainab vowed to punish them for allegedly assaulting her pastor. Sesay described being forced to stand all night and enduring harsh conditions.

Magistrate Kekura ordered the defendants’ transfer to different cells within the facility, emphasizing that their current treatment is unjust. He also granted bail to Nasiru Sesay, who is currently taking exams. The remaining defendants will be held at the correctional centers in Freetown until their next court appearance.