As Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone’s Student Union Body goes to the polls today the question on everyone’s lips now is who would emerge a winner. 

In this current race, there are presently 6 Aspirants. 

And as the student body draws closer to the ballot boxes it’s only fair we get to know the Presidential Aspirants. 

Adama Sillah is a journalist and an eloquent lady who wishes to be given the opportunity to steer the mantle of students’ leadership on campus.  She was endorsed by the outgoing President Augustine Bona and the first female in the University’s history to contest for the position.  

Fatmata Binta Jalloh is a brilliant, articulate young lady with unwavering goodwill to serve the studentship of Fourah Bay College.

She was the second female in the University’s history to contest for the position. 

Henry Kumbalay is a neutralist, a sincere, independent, servant leader who has taken it upon himself to lead students of FBC adequately and efficiently. 

Hymanson Johnson Finals Hon 1 Student of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law.

Johnson served as the Secretary-General for the Albert Academy FBC chapter and head of the Technological Committee Law Department.

He has also served as Director of a peer of the Aureal Law Review.

Morrison Gobeh is another astute aspirant from the Social works Department.

We also have Minkailu Sama who is also contesting the presidential seat.

The Election starts in a few minutes at 9:00 Am and ends at 3:00 PM.