Popular singer, Atical Foyoh on his 1st February 2023 new month message to fans prayed for all Sierra Leoneans for better and successful work and daily strive.  

On a post shared on social media handle, Atical Foyoh noted that, this is a month of love and that, Sierra Leoneans have to stop the hatred and drama as he believed that will solve many problems the country is faced with now and then.

’Today, the 1st of February, is a month of love. Stop the hate & drama and spread some love. My Sierra Leone brothers & Sister. The merciful Lord will advocate for you in every area where your voice can’t reach you. God will reposition you for breakthroughs, miracles, and great and notable achievements. You will overcome and laugh over those issues that trouble your mind with a massive victory. His glory and mercy shall not depart from you’,’ he noted.

He also assured citizens that with the peace of the Lord, all these social media dramas and pulling down syndrome will be eliminated. He added that life is short and Sierra Leoneans need to treat each other fairly as well as avoiding things that can cause commotions in different aspects of life.

’All these social media dramas will cease and the Peace of God will rest upon you and your loved ones. Life is short. Treat others with kindness or leave them alone if you can’t help. Enough is enough. Support one another. Say no to tribalism, sexism and jealousy. Any wicked person that has vowed to waste your efforts, waste your time and resources shall be wasted and be put to shame in Jesus’ name.

Have a fantastic new month in peace, everyone,’’ he concluded.