In a recent tweet, Joan Bull, the Head of the Legal and Justice Support Department at the Sierra Leone Police (SLP), spoke on the right to free speech and its limitations.

According to her, there is no absolute freedom of speech in the world.

Bull highlighted that freedom of speech can be limited by defamation that harms the reputation of another person.

She further explained that allegations and defamatory accusations made in the name of free speech can be offensive and have the tendency to incite violence or harmful actions.

See her tweet below:


The SLP official’s statement sparked mixed reactions from Twitter users in the comment section, with some expressing their concerns over the limitations on free speech. Others have commended Bull for her stance on the matter, saying that it is essential to protect individuals’ reputations and prevent the spread of hate speech.

As Sierra Leone continues to navigate the complex terrain of free speech, it is evident that the debate on its limitations will continue to be a topic of interest for many.