In another show of partnership, Chief Samuel Sam Sumana has restored peace in Kono district on Friday 20th August, 2021.

In what would have amounted to bloodshed at a funeral in Kono, Chief Sam Sumana showed his deft statesmanship by raising a hand of peace in the face of seemingly worrying signs of violence.

Night Watch reports that the imminent violence would have resulted from the unnecessary show of force by members of Samura Kamara’s entourage that included known party thugs, for funeral. Samaura Kamara had shuttled busloads of his thugs to Kono for the burial ceremony of Ambassador Tamba Mansa Ngegba.

The situation left mourners in wonderment at a loss for words, asking what place violence has in a burial ceremony. The situation would have gotten out of control had the youths in Kono reacted to such open incitement by Sumara Kamara; but Chief Sam’s quick thinking put a swift end to the bubbling conflict.

Clad in a grey garment with a white handkerchief, Chief Sam showed peace and reconciliation with Dr. Samura Kamara, flag-brearer for the All People’s Congress (APC) in the 2018 elections. Chief Sam and Dr. Saumra Kamara were in attendance at the burial ceremony to honour the dead.

In a twist of event, a solemn ceremony almost turned violent when Samura Kamara’s political interest showcased. Youths in the eastern district of Kono had taken to the streets as a show of support for Chief Sam who they called ‘ARKUNEH’ meaning ‘The Head’ in the Kono language.

Sources in the APC told this press that the thugs were hired by Dr. Samura Kamara to unleash violence in Kono. But Chief Sam showed political maturity by swiftly holding and lifting Samura Kamara’s hand as a show of peace between them, which action averted what would have amounted to bloodshed and possible deaths at a funeral.

The move amazed everyone as the people of Kono were there to mourn and not to celebrate or defend political heroes. At the centre of conflict was the former Minister of Local Government, Diana Konomani, who many saw as the actual centre of the conflict, was trying to show her clout in Kono by inviting Samura Kamara. But her political immaturity almost caused bloodshed in that part of the country, were if not for Chief Sam quickly reading and assessing the potential conflict.

Insider sources also intimated this press that the former minister has always assured APC members that Kono belonged to her. The death of Ambassador Ngegba provided the real platform for her to test her popularity in the eastern district, which sources said she had promised Samura.

But the situation did not turn out that way as the people of Kono refused to disown their own to protect Konomani’s and Samura Kamara’s political interests. Despite key ministries occupied by Dr. Samura Kamara in past governments, he only caught the public’s attention when he was made APC flag-bearer in 2017.