In a groundbreaking initiative addressing Freetown’s environmental concerns, the Freetown Innovation Lab has unveiled an innovative solution to repurpose disposed car tires into sleek and versatile furniture pieces.

The city has long grappled with the challenge of managing discarded tires, which not only clutter streets and landfills but also pose significant environmental hazards.

According to the CEO  Mohamed Alhaji Kamara by transforming this waste into elegant chairs, tables, beds, and even festive Christmas trees, the Freetown Innovation Lab is revolutionizing both sustainability and style in furniture design.

He further that their approach involves purchasing used tires from waste collectors, providing employment opportunities for young individuals, and initiating a process of sorting, washing, and polishing to ensure the safety of these materials for furniture production.

Moreover, the initiative extends beyond furniture creation; it’s a catalyst for skill development and empowerment. The lab offers training programs, particularly targeting women and youths, fostering a workforce well-equipped in waste management techniques.

The array of furniture packages includes sets of tables and chairs, various seating arrangements, beds, dining tables, and uniquely crafted Christmas trees, suitable for homes, offices, beaches, nightclubs, schools, hospitals, and more.

Emphasizing eco-friendly living, these recycled tire-based furnishings not only add flair to spaces but also significantly contribute to sustainable living practices. Residents keen on supporting this eco-conscious endeavor can place their orders by contacting the lab via WhatsApp at +23279511366, emailing [email protected], or visiting their location at 66 Sanda Street, Freetown, Innovation Drive, Kort Right.

The Freetown Innovation Lab’s tire-to-furniture transformation marks a milestone in sustainable design and waste management, paving the way for a greener future while simultaneously addressing the city’s environmental challenges.