The friend of the late FBC graduate who died in a ghastly accident, Edward Caulker commonly called comedian dictionary, has shared on Facebook his current situation after the accident.

He wrote on his timeline:

“This is The Driver who killed Emadu Rogers and also responsible for my Current Health Issue. Since the occurrence of the accident on Thursday April 7th up to date, Thursday April 14th, has marked one week since our Ghastly fatal accident at Model Junction. Since then the relative of this DRIVER are yet to reach out to me or neither to my Family. They haven’t even called or even did any check-up on how my health condition is.

This driver is being apprehended and is currently at the Central Police Station. But the police are dragging their feet with regards to the case. 😭

They’re are not making any effort for this murderer to face the consequences of his crime. I am in pain 😭 I need medical attention 😭”

Comedian Dictionary was involved in the ghastly accident with Emadu Rogers which occurred on the day before their graduation.

His friend Emadu Rogers died from the accident but he survived it and ever since, he was not heard from until today he finally break the silence.

He want Sierra Leoneans to know that he has been neglected by the family of the driver that hits and killed his friend and left him in a painful condition. He is in pain and needs medical attention.