Magnus Tucker, a police sergeant who was attached to the Kenema Police Division was, on Sunday 15th May 2022, caught having sexual intercourse with his boyfriend Abu Koroma.

This incident occurred after the family members of both individuals informed police intelligence after they were caught naked that night, having surrounded the house with stones and cutlasses.

Tucker was rescued by colleague police officers. He was arrested and taken to the police division in Kenema that very night.

He was later charged to court on the 16th May, and upon appearing in court, his matter was adjourned to the 17th May 2022.

At around 09:30 when all prisoners were due to appear in court on that same day including Tucker, disagreement erupted between the prison guards and the inmates within the court premises and whilst the fracas was ongoing, Tucker narrowly escaped from the court yard.

The act he was charged for was an abominable offence of Buggery (man having sexual intercourse with another man) which is punishable by law in Sierra Leone.

As a law enforcement officer, that would have been a good precedent for society to follow.

However, sources close to his boyfriend’s family state that his boyfriend Abu Koroma was brutally beaten and drag to an unknown place. His whereabout is still unknown.

The following day, threatening messages- on placards- were pasted on his wall with his properties looted and burnt.

The court, has since then, issued a bench warrant for Tucker and a reward for anyone giving information leading to his arrest.