The National Federation of the Go Bifo Women Sierra Leone Bo Chapter has concluded a women’s engagement, Bi-Monthly meeting in Bo with support from the German embassy project through AdvocAid.

The Bi-Monthly meeting engaged women from different backgrounds that were formerly incarcerated through the “Building a sustainable and resilient future for formerly incarcerated women” that was based on supporting the women to meet in their safe space as well as providing members with a platform to discuss the development of the association as part of the activities under the German Embassy Project.

The meeting was an opportunity for the women to share their experiences and to learn from each other. The women also discussed the challenges they face in reintegrating into society after their release from prison.

Key takeaways from the meeting include:

  • Many of the women are struggling to find jobs and accommodation.
  • They face discrimination from some members of their communities.
  • There is a need for more support services for formerly incarcerated women

The National Federation of the Go Bifo Women Sierra Leone is calling on the government and the international community to provide more support for formerly incarcerated women. The organization is also working to raise awareness of the challenges faced by these women.

The National Federation of the Go Bifo Women Sierra Leone is an organization that represents the interests of formerly incarcerated women in Sierra Leone. The organization provides support services to these women and advocates for their rights. Additionally, the women have concluded plans to attend their annual general meeting (AGM)in Freetown where they will participate in the executive elections, the NFGW-SL startegy plan launching and to meet their colleagues from the other chapters.

About the German embassy project through AdvocAid

The German embassy project through AdvocAid is a project that provides support to human rights organizations in Sierra Leone. The project aims to strengthen the capacity of these organizations to advocate for the rights of marginalized groups.