The Goodwill Humanitarian Foundation with support from the Sierra Leone Brotherhood and Solidarity Foundation (SBS) and other partners has successfully implemented the Goodwill Humanitarian Food Donation at Kabonka Village in Binkoloh Chiefdom.

This came about as part of their humanitarian strategy in the month of Ramadan which is the ‘’Each one Reach one Ramadan Charity 2023.’’ The ‘’Each one Reach one Ramadan Charity 2023’’ is a strategy implemented on reaching out to deprived communities and deprived people through partnership, collaboration and individual contribution from members of the public as well as well-wishers to making sure that, people and communities are helped in diverse ways especially with food stuff.

The founder, Amb. Tejan Ishaq Kamara said that, the plan was adopted to help individuals during the Ramadan period.

‘’The donation made at Kabonka village in Binkoloh Chiefdom is part of our each one reach one strategic plan for the Ramadan charity program which is in progress currently and with the help of our partners we have been reaching out to various communities’’. He said.

He disclosed that, with support from the SBS Foundation and One Islam in Action they have reached out to other communities in Kent respectively.

He noted that the plans are set to spread out far and wide. He called on other well-wishers to assist them in assisting the deprived communities and individuals through out the month of Ramadan.