Ministry of Transport and Aviation is set to demolish structures at Jui Junction this Wednesday 25th January.

The demolition is as result of the construction of a footbridge at the busy junction through the Sierra Leone Resilient and Urban Mobility Project (SLIRUMP) launched in 2019.

The ministry in a public notice urged occupant who have been compensated to vacate their properties before the date of demolition and admonished occupants to adhere to the notice and ask for their cooperation and understanding.

The 50 million US Dollar project is geared towards improving the quality of public transportation, addressing of climate resilience and improving road safety in selected areas.

Although, the project was started at a snail pace, momentum developed last year where several junctions were junctions and intersections saw some renovation works.

Construction and renovation works have been completed at Lumley, Congo Cross and Ferry Junctions. There is ongoing construction of a footbridge at present at Bottom Mango Junction, Wilberforce in Freetown.