The government of Sierra Leone has installed a brand-new overhead pedestrian bridge in the Shell area of Freetown. This initiative underscores the government’s dedication to enhancing infrastructure and ensuring the safety of pedestrians in the region.

The novel overhead pedestrian bridge aims to tackle persistent concerns related to pedestrian safety and traffic management in this bustling hub of activity. Given the frequent heavy foot traffic in Shell, this project offers a vital solution for individuals seeking to cross the road safely.

Speaking with a resident around Shell Community, she said, β€œPresident Bio’s administration has demonstrated a strong commitment to infrastructure development and urban planning, with this endeavor serving as a testament to their efforts.”

Anticipated outcomes of the bridge’s construction include improved accessibility and safety in the area, benefiting both local residents and visitors.

This substantial project has attracted considerable attention at both the local and national levels, with residents expressing gratitude for the government’s dedication to enhancing their daily lives.

As construction progresses on the overhead pedestrian bridge, it signifies a promising advancement for Shell and the wider region, promising enhanced safety, convenience, and urban infrastructure.