The Residents of Grima town in Penguia Chiefdom, Kailahun District have celebrated the completion of their Community Barry by Madam Thazin Htwe, a shareholder of THAZIN Mining Company who officially did the handing over ceremony.

The event attracted dignitaries and stakeholders from across the Chiefdom, marking a significant milestone in the community’s development.

The barry, a vital communal meeting place, was funded entirely by Madam Htwe, who felt compelled to support the community due to her own challenging upbringing. In an emotional speech, she shared how her visits to Grima Town moved her to action, prompting her to fund the project out of her own pocket. “When I met with the stakeholders of Grima Town, they expressed the pressing need for a barry. I worked with my team to prepare the budget and started purchasing materials. Today, I am overjoyed to see the completed barry ready for use,” said Madam Htwe, who also pledged further support to the community.

The ceremony was chaired by Madam Lucy K. Jibilla, Councilor and Development Chairperson of Kailahun District Council, who praised the donor and her partners for their efforts. “This project complements the government’s initiatives and demonstrates what can be achieved through private support. We hope to see more donations like this in the future,” stated Madam Jibilla.

Chief Tamba Sheku, the newly appointed Regent Chief of Penguia Chiefdom, made an unofficial yet significant appearance. He underscored the importance of the new facility and highlighted the ongoing needs of the Chiefdom, particularly in healthcare. Chief Sheku also invited attendees to upcoming ceremonies honoring the late Paramount Chief Sheku Jibilla, set for early June, and announced his official presentation to the people on June 10 2024.

Other community leaders and officials, including representatives from the education sector, the National Minerals Agency (NMA), the police, and the medical sector, also spoke at the event. They expressed their gratitude to Madam Htwe and called for further developmental projects in Penguia Chiefdom.

In closing, Land Owning Chairman Tamba Christopher Lamin extended heartfelt thanks to all involved, particularly highlighting the donor’s generosity and the collaborative efforts that made the project possible. “We thank God, Madam Htwe, her partners, the Regent Chief, and all our local authorities for their support and for making this presentation ceremony a success,” he said.

The event marked a day of joy and unity for Grima Town, setting a hopeful tone for future developments in Penguia Chiefdom.