On account one, on account two, the 1st and 2nd accused did steal property worth twenty-five million Leones (Le25,000,000), property of Daniel Ojeah, Henry Williams and Leslie Nicole.

Led in his defense by his counsel, I.D.B. John, the accused said, sometimes last year, he was residing with the complainant who promised to assist him with his education.

The defendant said, one evening, the complainant went out with the first accused leaving him at the garage where they used to sleep.

Led by defense counsel I.D.B John, the defendant said, after one hour the complainant came back with the first accused and asked him to take his bag inside the sitting room and went out. He said few minutes, the girlfriend of complainant, Isha, surfaced and asked him about the complainant. “I told her he was in his room,” he told the court.

The accused told the court that, after the girlfriend told the court that, after the girlfriend of complainant left, the complainant came outside saying he had lost some money. “My lord, the complainant threatened to kill me if you don’t say anything about the money,” he stated.

The defendant said the complainant took out a gun and an axe and attempted to chop his head. He said, at that point, some people intervened, and the complainant told them I had stolen four hundred dollars from the store, but they advised him to wait until morning.

The defendant said, in the morning, the complainant called a sorcerer to ascertain who stole the money. He said the sorcerer questioned him as to who took the money, “but I told him I don’t know. It was not me.”

He further explained that the sorcerer called some old people inside the room followed by the police who came in a van and took him to the Lumley Police Station where a statement was obtained from him as first accused. “At the station, I was questioned by the police as to whether I took the money, but I denied,” the defendant said. He said, after obtaining statement form him, the complainant came in, talked to the police and “I was dragged into the cell.” “What I was charged to court for is quite different from what the police presented in court,” the accused told the court.

In cross examination, by Inspector M.K. Taylor, the defendant said he has known the complainant for one month. He said he used to work for the complainant who in turn pays him and promised to assist him to go to school, which never materializes. In other question put to him, he responded that he did not have free access to the amin house of the complainant.

The New Storm Newspaper reports that, at the end of cross examination, I.D.B John told the Beach that, ‘this is the case for the defense.’ He said he will address the court in writing. Magistrate Sahr Kekura adjourned the matter to the 14th of February 2022.