During a candid revelation on the House of Stars TV reality show, contestant Hawa Dumbuya, widely known as Hawa Tombo, courageously opened up about her past marriage to Musa Noah Kamara, also known as Musa Tombo, former Leone Star Striker.

Contrary to her initial reluctance to marry him, Hawa shared that she eventually decided to tie the knot with Musa. The revelation took a dramatic turn as Hawa disclosed the challenging dynamics of her marriage. She detailed the emotional and physical hardships she endured during her time with Musa Tombo. According to Hawa, the core issue revolved around her perceived inability to bear children, leading to brutal treatment and marginalization by her former husband Musa Tombo.

During a poignant moment in the reality show, Hawa recounted a harrowing incident. Musa Tombo, citing her alleged infertility as the reason, unceremoniously expelled her from their matrimonial home. Hawa’s narration painted a vivid picture of a midnight eviction, with Musa packing her belongings and callously instructing her to leave.

At around 11:41,” Hawa emphasized, “Musa Tombo packs my clothes out of our matrimonial home, and he asked me to leave his house. I asked him why, and he said, ‘Leave my house because you can’t produce a child for me.'”

This revelation has sparked discussions and reactions among viewers, shedding light on the challenges faced by individuals dealing with issues of infertility within the context of marriage. Hawa’s openness about her past experiences has not only added a layer of vulnerability to her persona but has also ignited conversations about relationships, understanding, and the complexities surrounding societal expectations.

As the House of Stars reality show unfolds, Hawa Tombo’s story serves as a powerful reminder of the personal struggles that contestants bring with them, offering viewers a glimpse into the often untold narratives behind the glamorous facade of reality television.

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