The Ministry of Health and Sanitation, on September 7th this year, conducted an extensive training program involving Community Health Officers, Chiefdom PHU Supervisors, In-Charges, Nurses, Chairpersons of Facility Management Committees associated with various PHUs, and twenty-two councilors in Moyamba District.

The purpose of this five-day training, which began on September 7th and concluded on September 11th, was to prepare for the 2023 distribution of bed nets. The training took place at the DHMT in Moyamba Town, Moyamba District.

Mr. Philip Brewah, the head of the National Malaria Disease Control unit within the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, explained that the goal of the training is to strategize and continue the campaign against malaria in Moyamba District and the entire country.

During these five days of training, Mr. Brewah’s team collaborated with the trainees to develop plans for registering households, as the distribution of bed nets will be based on households rather than individual recipients. For example, households with one to three people will receive one bed net, those with one to five individuals will receive two, and households with five or more members will receive three bed nets.

It’s important to note that this project is sponsored by GOAL SL and various international NGOs.

The implementation of the bed net distribution campaign is scheduled to commence in early December, following the established pattern of occurring every three years, with the last campaign taking place in 2022.