A heavy downpour flooded several communities in Kailahun during the early hours of Wednesday. The downpour is said to have started at 2 in the morning and lasted for four hours.

Several homes were turned into pools as properties worth millions of Leones were damaged. Specific areas like the town market, parts of Kissi Town community, Panguma Kebawana community and Kissi Kenema Masakpa community experienced what seemed like a total cutoff from accessing each other due to the flood.

One of the flood victims emphasized that she almost lost her baby if not for the help of some area youths who came to her refuge.

This odd incident have left so many homes in total setback as school going pupils lost most of their learning materials, traders losing their goods and cash. The flood also left some boreholes and wells contaminated -making the environment unfriendly for human inhabitant.

Locals in the affected areas have pleaded with civil society and humanitarian organizations to assist them.