Hotel Manager Robbed at Lumley

A group of unknown men on Thursday 9th June attacked Elia Michael Lakkis, Manager for Lead Business Leaving Hotel in Aberdeen and took away his bag containing hundreds of Leones and Dollars, the victim says.

Lakkis who on boarded a three-wheeled tricycle (known as keke in Sierra Leone) to take him to his Hotel has blamed the keke rider for his predicament, alleging he conspired to rob him. The alleged rubbery happened at Lumbley around 9:30 in the evening, he said.

Elia Michael Lakkis had asked the rider of the Keke he on-boarded to take him to Aberdeen where he works but the rider refused to go by his request and took him to Lumley where he was robbed.

“I told him to take me to the road leading to my hotel where I worked but he didn’t listen to me,” Lakkis Said

According to Lakkis, when they reached Lumley, the Keke rider first asked him whether he would permit him to take another passenger, the frightened Lakkis refused and asked the rider to take him to Lead Business Leaving Hotel in Aberdeen, a destination he had earlier told the rider about.

But after moving about 200 meters away from Lumley roundabouts, the Keke rider stopped and stepped down pretending he was going to buy a cigarette. As the rider moved away from his Keke, a group of men came and took Lakiss ‘s bag away. The bag contained his passport, ID Card, driver’s license, money, store Keys, home Keys, and money in Leones and foreign currency.



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