50-year-old Abu Bakarr Ibrahim, a father of three children, his 39-year-old wife Mrs. Getura Ibrahim and his 16-year-old eldest son, Kashopen ibrahim have been remanded at the Maximum Correctional Centre in Freetown for allegedly murdering George Alhassan Jallah, a cousin to the first accused, Abu Bakarr Ibrahim.

The accused persons were jointly charged to court on two counts of conspiracy to murder and murder contrary to law. They have pleaded not guilty.

The State alleged that in March 2021, the accused persons murdered the deceased George Alhassan Jalloh at their No 3 Third Street, Off Mountain Cut, Fullah Town residence in Freetown.

Testifying on oath before Justice Sulaiman Bah, the fourth Prosecution witness (PW4) Police Corporal 11186 Alie Daramy Koroma said he recognised and knows the accused persons and also the deceased.

PW4 recalled that on the 1st March 2021 at 09.48 hours, He was on duty at the Eastern Police Station when Allieu Jalloh arrived and made a report on behalf of the deceased George Alhassan Jalloh.

The matter was assigned to him (PW4) by Detective Police Inspector Foday Borbor for onward investigation.

According to PW4, himself and a team of detective including the Local Unit Commander Laura Adama Gobeh they visited the crime scene together with the complainant, where they discovered blood stain on the parlor rug and the room of the now deceased.

The Scene of Crime Officer took photos and then proceeded to the Macauley Street Government Hospital where the deceased was allegedly taken for treatment, and on the same date went to the Connaught Hospital Mortuary where the deceased was identified by the complainant and hospital staff.

At the Connaught Mortuary, the witness said, he observed multiple wounds on the deceased, photos were taken, and he later returned to the Station. The team again visited the Scene of Crime where the now accused persons were arrested and brought to the Police Station.

The accused were cautioned” and questioned, and statements were separately obtained from the complainant, witnesses and the now accused persons; and on the 26th March 2021 charged the accused based on the advice of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP).

The team later witnessed the postmortem examination on the remains of the deceased conducted by the Government Consultant Pathologist Dr. Simeon Owiz Koroma, and also conducted a search warrant at the crime scene.

The matter has been adjourned to the 6th November, 2023 for cross examination on behalf of the first accused Abu Bakarr Ibrahim by his Counsel from the Legal Aid.