Kadiatu Kargbo, a 17-year-old pupil of the Missionary Church of Africa Junior Secondary School (MCA) of Mayossoh Community in Kholifa Mamutha Chiefdom, Tonkolili District has revealed how she got impregnated by her boyfriend, ran way and left her to suffer. She made the revelation while giving her testimony at the commissioning of a CARE supported birth waiting home for pregnant women at the Mayossoh Community Health Centre (CHC).

In her testimony, Kadiatu boldly said that she got impregnated by her boyfriend when she was at Junior Secondary School grade 2 (JSS2), 16 years at the time when she was inexperienced and still a child. She continued that the said boyfriend ran away since news of her pregnancy broke out in the community and she suffered in her early pregnancy stage until when she was rescued by health workers when she made her first Anti Natal Care (ANC) visit to the Mayossoh health facility.

Kadiatu reiterated that she was supported by health workers until her delivery and even after her delivery (Post Natal Care).

She further explained that she was further supported by CARE to return back to school with a special back to school package which motivated her to continue her education and she was very happy to go back to school. She proudly and happily affirmed that she was going to write her Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) this year and very optimistic to do well.

According to Heritage Newspaper, the situation of Kadiatu is like many other young girls of her age who suffer aimlessly through untimely pregnancy and risk not returning back to school. According to health professionals, early pregnancy is one of the reasons for mortality in the country.

Kadiatu might be lucky to have been supported by health workers and CARE. What of many other girls of their age who could not make it through pregnancy, because of complications they may face during pregnancy, delivery and even after. You high know, when a child carries a child, there is high risk of complications during and after pregnancy.