A 12-year-old boy named Morlai Fofanah has tragically drowned at the Pa Morlai Wharf in Masorie Village, Waterloo.

The incident occurred during a casual swimming exercise involving Morlai and three other minors.

Following the devastating incident, a large-scale search and rescue operation was swiftly launched by the Waterloo Police in collaboration with concerned members of the Masorie Village community.

After hours of intensive efforts, the lifeless body of Morlai Fofanah was finally recovered intact and brought ashore.

Grief-stricken and financially constrained, the family of the deceased has reached out to the Waterloo Police, appealing for the release of Morlai’s body to facilitate a prompt burial.

They cited their inability to afford the costly post-mortem examination and the associated formalities.

The Waterloo Police, while expressing condolences to the bereaved family, have yet to make a public statement regarding the family’s plea. The community awaits further updates on the matter.