Ishmael Koroma a suspect who disappeared from Susan’s Bay in Freetown after the remains of his 24-year-old girlfriend were discovered in a room has been apprehended and detained in Conakry, Guinea according to sources.

Ishmael Koroma was reportedly spotted by a Sierra Leonean at a fishing wharf in Conakry and knew he had been on the run following the brutal killing of his girlfriend, Fatmata Sesay at the fishing community of Moa Wharf, Freetown in November last year.

The father of the deceased, Sheka Sesay disclosed that the incident happened when he and his wife left Fatmata to take care of the houseand the younger brother was lured away by the suspect.

Upon his return, the father recounted that Fatmata was found dead in a pool of blood and claimed the autopsy report which he could not readily produce, stated she had a stab wounds on the chest, fractured skull, limbs, ribs and shoulder, indicating she was bludgeoned to death.

According to Sheka when news reached him that his daughter’s suspected killer had been nabbed in Guinea, he notified officers at the Eastern Police Station where the case is being handled. He said Sierra Leoneans in Conakry who are keen to have the suspect extradited told him the Guinean officers are only waiting for clearance from their counterparts here in Freetown so they can take Amin to the border town of Pamlap and hand him over as that is the current stand in the situation.

The distressed father only wished justice for his daughter now than ever as he is ready to stand and answer any question to the court in fighting the case at hand.