Sheik Alhaji Mohamed “Omodu” Kamara, alias Jagaban, a philanthropist, business mogul, and prominent figure from the main opposition All Peoples Congress party, has made a generous donation of a whopping Le 220m to the Christian community in Sierra Leone.

This significant contribution was presented to churches in Port Loko, Tonkolili, Freetown, and Kono.

The donation was distributed among various churches, including one Anglican and one Catholic church in Port Loko and Tonkolili, respectively. In Freetown, there were two Anglican churches, notably Mami Dora Dumbuya’s Church, and two Catholic churches. Additionally, the Church of Bishop SE Konoyima in Kono also received a portion of the donation.

Despite being a devout Muslim, Sheik Alhaji Mohamed Jagaban, is committed to supporting his Christian brothers and sisters in their efforts to maintain their churches amidst the growing economic challenges faced by the country.

The congregations and clergymen leading the churches that benefited from this extraordinary donation expressed their heartfelt appreciation to Jagaban. They hailed it as a first-of-its-kind gesture from a pious Muslim of a Sheik and Alhaji status, highlighting the unity and solidarity among different religious communities in Sierra Leone.

This act of generosity by Jagaban will surely serve as an inspiration to all Sierra Leoneans, emphasizing the importance of religious harmony and the spirit of giving in the face of adversity.