Honorable Jawah Sesay, through his scholarship program, honored his commitment to education by disbursing partial funds to ten university students in Constituency 056, spanning three chiefdoms: Sambaia, Danksokia, and Kalathunba, all within the Tonkoli district.

The ceremony took place simultaneously at the Sierra Leone Legislative House in Freetown and Mr. Issa Tholley’s residence in Makeni.

The committee announced the following successful shortlisted applicants for the 2023/2024 partial scholarship program:

Keifala Turay (Kalanthuba Chiefdom)
Ibrahim Koroma (Upper Dansogoia)
Mankapri Kargbo (Sambaia section)
Tamba Sesay (Sambaia section)
Feremusu Senesie (Kalanthuba Chiefdom)
Sulaiman Bossa Jalloh (Buyan section)
Sarian Conteh (Borowa section)
Aminata Bangura (Buyan section)
Bockarie Sheriff (Sambaia section)
Foday Kargbo (Dayie section)

The partial disbursement of funds to the ten shortlisted applicants took place on Friday, January 26, 2024, immediately after the Friday/Juma prayer.

Students currently pursuing different university programs in Freetown were expected to be at the parliament to receive their partial disbursement of the grant. Similarly, those in Makeni and Bo were instructed to contact Mr. Issa Tholley (Buyan Pikin) for their partial grant on the same date and time.

The authorized students to receive the disbursement were:

Feremusu Senesie
Sarian Conteh
Sulaiman Bossa Jalloh

Honorable Jawah Sesay expressed his gratitude to the people of Constituency 056 and Tonkolili district for their support. Students were encouraged to present themselves in person to receive their grants