Supreme Court judge, Justice Alusine Sesay issued bench warrant for 97 jurors on Tuesday, September 19 during the start of the September Criminal Session.

The 97 jurors were part of a total of 215 supposed to have been empaneled for capital offences like murder and robbery during September 2023 call over.

The 97 jurors were absent when the court registrar did a roll call.

Meanwhile, Justice Sesay admonished juries present to always cooperate with the court despite difficulties they might be facing. He told them that being a juror is a civic duty and will also see them give Justice to whom it is deserved.

During Criminal Sessions, the presiding judge allocate cases or trials to colleague judges for expeditious trial. The assigned judges will then empanel 11 jurors to a case.

The said jurors are to serve as justices of fact.

But there are instances when cases are delayed due to absence of jurors. The court in this case could take action against jurors

The September Criminal Session saw over 40 cases transferred from Preliminary Investigation or Hearing at the Magistrate Court for trial at the High Court.

Juries were developed in medieval England and are considered to be the hallmark of the English common law system.