In response to the absence of Resident Magistrate Abdul Carew, who is reportedly seeking medical attention in the United States, the Judiciary of Sierra Leone has taken immediate action to ensure the continued operation of the justice system in the Pujehun Judicial District.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the Judiciary has activated the Justice of the Peace (JP’s) Court to handle minor matters outside of Preliminary Investigations preventing a potential backlog of cases during Magistrate Carew’s absence.

To address the vacancy left by Magistrate Carew, His Worship George Edwin, the Resident Magistrate in Bo, has been assigned to preside over court proceedings in Pujehun Judicial District. Starting Monday, January 15, 2024, Magistrate Edwin will conduct court sittings for at least a week, with a primary focus on Preliminary Investigations. Following this initial period, he will return to Pujehun within seven days to continue proceedings until Magistrate Carew’s return or the deployment of another magistrate to the district.

The Judiciary reaffirms its commitment to meeting the justice sector’s requirements and ensuring the public’s needs are met. This proactive approach aims to minimize disruptions and maintain the effective functioning of the court system in Pujehun Judicial District despite the absence of the resident magistrate.

This demonstrates the judiciary’s dedication to upholding justice principles and providing access to legal remedies for all citizens. The temporary assignment of a roving resident magistrate and the activation of the JP’s Court underscore the judiciary’s commitment to promptly and efficiently addressing legal matters in Pujehun.

The public is assured that, despite Magistrate Carew’s absence, the judiciary actively works to uphold the rule of law and ensure justice is served. By implementing these measures, the Judiciary aims to alleviate any concerns and maintain the smooth operation of the justice system until the resident magistrate’s return or the deployment of a new magistrate in the district.