Prominent 64-year-old Islamic scholar who served as Chief Imam of the Kabala Yogomaia Central Mosque, for more than fifty-years, Alhaji Algasimu Barrie, has died after he met with a gruesome accident with a tipper truck at Cow-yard close to Yogomaia Field in Kabala.

This unfortunate incident happened on the 14th November 2021 when the late Imam was on a motor bike, plying the route on his way from Socralla.

According to eye-witnesses at the scene, the fatal accident of their Imam in the Yogomaia community, led to a clash between the youths and members of the community who wanted to burn the tipper truck that hits their imam. But the Kabala police personnel intervened swiftly, using tear gas to disperse the crowd of angry youths.

Immediately after the accident, the Imam was rushed to the Kabala Government hospital for medical examination but unfortunately, he couldn’t make it. He passed away on Sunday evening and was buried on Monday the 15th November, 2021, at the Yogomaia Bilimaia grave site.