A new Chiefdom Speaker for Kafe Chiefdom was appointed on Tuesday by the Paramount Chief, PC Dr. Masakma Madibie II, at Kamaruku town, the headquarters of the Chiefdom, on 26 September 2023.

Pa Joseph Larkoh was announced as the Chiefdom Speaker of Kafe in the presence of a large crowd of residents and chiefdom authorities.

He replaced Pa Roke Sesay who was asked to step aside after three years.

Announcing Pa Larkoh as the new Speaker of Kafe, the Paramount Chief told all those present that the former Speaker is the head of the chiefdom’s traditions and ceremonies and must be left in that capacity.

The appointment of the Chiefdom Speaker, he said, lies entirely on him and with consultation from the Chiefdom Council.

As for the appointment of the current, PC Masakma Madibie said, he consulted the Chiefdom Council, including the outgoing Speaker who all supported the move.

The Paramount chief was elected a year ago and he has since maintained Sesay as Speaker. But the decision to replace him, the Chief said, was because the government had ordered him to do so.

He called on his subjects to respect the new Speaker because there would be great punishment for those who may want to do otherwise.

In every Chiefdom, the Speaker is the second gentleman and the principal assistant to the Paramount Chief. He most times performs his functions when the Paramount chief is away – thus making the position one of the most revered in local administration.

The Chief warned the current Speaker to work with the people for the betterment of the Chiefdom.

In his address, the new Chief speaker, Pa Larkoh, thanked the PC for reposing confidence in him. He assured the Chiefdom of consistent support for the Chief in moving his agendas forward.

The outgoing Speaker, in his statement, said he is always ready to usher in advice any time he’s called upon by the new speaker.

During the event, several stakeholders made statements and the singing of traditional songs climaxed the colorful occasions.