Kailahun District Youths Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) Alliance chairman, Lansana B. Ngobeh denies allegations of their support to the Kailahun District Movement for All People’s Congress (APC). 

After circulating speculations disseminated through various communication channels alleging that all youths of Kailahun District have aligned with the Kailahun District movement for APC, the general secretary of the Kailahun District SLPP Youths Alliance, Lansana B. Ngobeh vehemently refutes the assertion and reaffirmed the unwavering support and loyalty of the youths to SLPP.

Ngobeh confirmed that since the Genesis of party politics in Sierra Leone, Kailahun District has always been the stronghold for the SLPP and nothing has changed. He added that  it’s the constitutional right of every political party to form a support group in the interest of their party and not otherwise

Alusine Paye who stood in the position of the Chairman for the SLPP Youth Alliance stated that the youths of Kailahun District believe in the hard work of the SLPP through infrastructure, education, youth empowerment, and more. Paye advised every youth to remain peaceful and law-abiding as the SLPP always preached love, peace, and unity. Mr. Paye concluded by saying the circulating speculations remain baseless, unrealistic, and devalued.