Bazzy Kamara a former Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC) senior leader is calling for rescue from the government and the people of Sierra Leone from the Mpanga Prison in Rwanda.

The Senior AFRC member, in a video he shared on social media, said that they fought hard for the peace that the people of this country are enjoying and no one said they are among those that fought for peace with little blood shed in the country.

In that light, they are calling on citizens to forgive them and welcome them back home. He said they had suffered for 18 years in prison and they are not begging for freedom but for them to be taken into prison here so that they will have hope being in their native country.

Kamara said they should not be left there to die as they are Sierra Leoneans and happy to be Sierra Leoneans. They begged to be taken to Bonthe or Pademba Road prison as the Prison they are is not conducive and it is making them sick.

The former junta member complained about the poor medical facility provided for them and how that led to the death of fellow Sierra Leonean inmate, Tamba Brima.

Kamara also complained that authorities in Rwanda has been preventing them from seeing their loved ones as required claiming that the woman in charge embezzle funds for flight ticket and other costs to facilitate a family visit from Sierra Leone.

The AFRC member was among several other Sierra Leoneans that were found guilty of war crimes in the country’s 10-year civil war. Some members of the AFRC, Revolutionary United Front (RUF) and Civil Defence Force (CDF) were sent to prison in Rwanda for atrocities committed in Sierra Leone’s decade war which left over 50,000 dead.