The Sierra People’s Party’s (SLPP) mayoral candidate, Mohamed Gento Kamara is anticipated to honour an invitation extended to him by the Jamaat of the Masjid Ibrahim Mosque at 368 Baibureh Road Maboreh junction, Calaba town in the east end of Freetown.

According to the chief Iman of the Mosque, Alhaji Mohamed Suma, the Jamaat unanimously agreed to invite Mohamed Gento Kamara so that the whole Muslim congress can have a face-to-face interaction with him.

Chief Iman also asserted that another reason for the invitation is for the entire congregation of the Mosque to have the opportunity to pray with Gento during the Friday prayers. Adding that the jamaat would not like to limit the communication with Gento to phone calls only.

Meanwhile, he said the Masjid Ibrahim Mosque was built seven years ago and has only one floor. Noting that the Mosque is currently undergoing some construction work. He noted that the current construction work will add the second and third floors to the building.

However, he admitted that the project is financially challenged. He also stated that the Masjid Ibrahim Mosque is in a devastating condition.

Furthermore, chief Iman revealed that the Mosque may collapse very soon if urgent measures are not put in place.

Also, he stated that prayers at the Mosque are often time interrupted especially during the rainy season. Mainly because of the Mosque’s roof leakage.

Meanwhile, he said the visit would motivate Gento to map out various concerns in the Mosque.

However, as a man that has a passion for Islam, chief Iman said the visit would serve as a blessing to both Gento and the congregation. He asserted that Gento is their brother in Islam.

Moreover, he said the Mosque is expecting to get both material and financial assistance from him during the visit for the completion of the Mosque’s building project.