As we enter the year 2024, Kambia district in Sierra Leone finds itself grappling with significant challenges. Regrettably, the district has earned the unfortunate title of being the dirtiest city in the country.

Media icons from Kambia have recently visited Bamoi Luma, where the newly constructed stores by the Council have become a symbol of extreme unpleasantness and filth. Moreover, the district has been plagued by rampant malaria infections, making it an incredibly dangerous place to live. With a total of 44 stores that remain unproductive, urgent action is needed to address these pressing issues.

The project, empowered by the Kambia District Council for efficient service delivery, is funded by the European Union, with Landmark Construction & General Services serving as the contractor. Kambia media icons will continue to monitor the situation and call upon the chief administrator, chairman, councillors, and all relevant authorities to act swiftly.

Bamoi Luma, once envisioned as a thriving commercial hub, has become a symbol of neglect and decay. The newly constructed stores, intended to invigorate economic activity, have instead become a breeding ground for dirt and unpleasantness. The lack of maintenance and cleaning has resulted in an environment that is uninviting for both vendors and customers. This dire situation has led to a complete lack of business activity, with the 44 stores standing empty and unused. The Kambia District Council must take immediate action to rectify this situation, ensuring regular cleaning and waste management practices are implemented to restore the stores’ functionality and attractiveness.

In addition to the unsanitary conditions, Kambia district is plagued by a severe malaria epidemic. The high prevalence of malaria infections has rendered the district one of the most dangerous places to live in Sierra Leone. The alarming spread of this deadly disease demands urgent attention from the relevant authorities. The Kambia District Council, in collaboration with healthcare authorities, must prioritize the implementation of comprehensive malaria prevention and control measures. This includes distributing insecticide-treated bed nets, conducting regular indoor residual spraying, and educating the community on malaria prevention strategies. By addressing this public health crisis, the council can significantly improve the living conditions and overall safety of the residents.

The situation in Kambia district is dire, and the media icons of Kambia will continue to monitor and report on the ongoing issues. We urgently call upon the chief administrator, chairman, councillors, and all relevant authorities to take immediate action. The Kambia District Council must allocate resources and personnel to address the cleanliness and maintenance issues at Bamoi Luma and other facilities. Additionally, a concerted effort is needed to revitalize the stores and attract businesses to the area. Without prompt action, the district will continue to suffer from economic stagnation and public health risks.

The current state of Kambia district, particularly Bamoi Luma and kambia II Checkpoint, demands urgent attention and intervention. With the support of the European Union, the Kambia District Council has the opportunity to empower efficient service delivery and uplift the living conditions of its citizens. However, the pressing issues of extreme dirtiness, unproductive stores, and rampant malaria infections require immediate action.

The media icons of Kambia will continue to monitor the situation and advocate for the necessary steps to be taken. It is our hope that the chief administrator, chairman, councillors, and all relevant authorities will act swiftly to address these challenges and restore Kambia district to its full potential.