In a remarkable achievement, Kellie Foundation, one of Sierra Leone’s leading philanthropic NGOs, has been awarded the prestigious Best NGO Award 2023 by the Sierra Leone NGO Awards. The annual accolade recognizes the outstanding contributions of NGOs in the country.

Expressing their gratitude, Elijah Kellie, CEO of Kellie Foundation, and Moses Kellie shared their appreciation for being acknowledged as the Best NGO of the year 2023. They conveyed their thanks to the Sierra Leone NGO Awards for this esteemed recognition, stating that it not only boosts the organization’s confidence but also validates the value of hard work and dedication.

The foundation sees this accolade as motivation to reach even greater heights and expressed heartfelt thanks to every member of the organization. Recognizing the instrumental role played by the team, they emphasized the importance of support and collaboration in the organization’s success.

Despite the achievement, Kellie Foundation acknowledges that their work is far from over. They pledge to continue giving their best, contributing to the organization’s objectives, and eagerly anticipate future opportunities to make a positive impact. The CEO and team remain dedicated to the collective success that has already made a significant difference in the lives of thousands of people.

As they look ahead, Kellie Foundation invites everyone to join them in rolling up their sleeves and continuing this impactful journey with even more dedication. The award serves as both a celebration of past accomplishments and a catalyst for the organization’s ongoing commitment to making a meaningful difference in the community.