The Mayor for Kenema City Council, Thomas Baio has on the 20th November 2023 celebrated his 100 days in office as mayor of the city for the second time.

Thomas Baio won the 2018 elections as Mayor of the City and won the 2023 election which confirmed his two terms in office at the Kenema City Council.

In gracing the occasion, the mayor backed it up with a media engagement and a panel discussion in order to rollout his developmental activities and the plans for the city.

In attendance was the Chief Administrator, Joseph G.T Gando of the council, councillors, students, community people and the media, which was hosted at the Kenema City Hall.

Disclosing the activities of the mayor and the council, the Chief Administrator, Joseph Gando made mention in a power point presentation thus, 21st August, 2023 was the inaugural council meeting and the swearing ceremony of two councillors from the main opposition, All Peoples Congress Party (APC), and on the 9th September 2023, the council lost one female councillor to the cold hands of  death, on the 11th September, 2023 the mayor met with the President of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalist, Ahmad Sahid Nasralla and the Eastern Region Executive of the SLAJ.

It was also reported that, the mayor did several engagement with the traders, bike riders union, the drivers’ union and other sectors as well as helping them on different developmental issues and on October 3rd 2023, he unveiled the new clock for the kenema clock tower that has been one of the most questioned projects.

The Chief Administrator also disclosed that, they are working harder to seeing that the council start functioning and performing on three key sectors from the owned source revenue by 2025 being health education and agriculture.

The Mayor thanked everyone present at the engagement and committed himself and the council to a total development at all times, as that is their main mandate to work for the people of kenema city.

He called on everyone to be assisting the council by paying their tax as that may help boost the council’s activities and other expenditures, adding that, his plans for the city must be completed but not without the support of the people and all council staff.

On the ongoing projects and proposed activities for the year 2023/2024 it was reported that, the council may work on completion of the installation of the clock tower, completion of the PHU at Burma for health services, proposed construction of 52 stores along Maxwell Khobe street, proposed stage for access to GAP funds for sustainable cities on environmental risk management, completion of the administrative complex, fencing of the police barrack along Hanga road and the procurement process for 1 double box culvert and two cross crossing drains and 10 single box culvert to be awarded soon etc.