On August 10, 2023, the Mayor of Kenema City Council, Thomas Karimu Baio, outlined his comprehensive vision for the city’s growth during his second term in office.

Flanked by his councilors, Mayor Baio took the oath of office in a ceremony attended by dignitaries including the Vice President, Members of Parliament, Ministers, and other influential stakeholders at the Kenema City Council Hall.

Expressing gratitude to the citizens of Kenema for re-electing him for a second term, Mayor Baio assured the public of his unwavering dedication to advancing the city’s progress.

Reflecting on his initial five years in office as a period of learning, he emphasized that he now possesses a deep understanding of the responsibilities at hand.

He underscored his commitment to building upon the developmental initiatives initiated during his first term, aligning his objectives with the broader aspirations of the nation and the President.

Highlighting the necessity of collective support from the people of Kenema, Mayor Baio articulated a comprehensive set of developmental goals. These objectives encompassed enhancing the city’s road network, modernizing office infrastructure, constructing a perimeter fence around the police barracks to enhance aesthetics along the main Hanga Rd, implementing street cleaning initiatives to maintain a clean environment, restoring the clock tower, and overseeing a large-scale project involving the creation of 500 stores across the city, with an initial 60 already established on Dakiya Street. Additionally, Mayor Baio emphasized the importance of bolstering the city’s revenue sources.

Mayor Baio reaffirmed his party’s commitment to maintaining law and order, underscoring the need for discipline in achieving successful outcomes.

Acknowledging the support of the electorate in his electoral victory, he called upon the public to rally behind his vision for city development.

In an inclusive gesture, Mayor Baio extended an invitation to opposition parties to collaborate in the shared pursuit of Kenema’s advancement, emphasizing the importance of a unified approach to achieving progress.